Eshwar Bhakti Foundation

Objectives of Eshwar Bhakti Foundation

  • Serve the poor and underprivileged (food, hospital, education, marriage, house)

  • Serve the animals (food, medical checkup, and stay)

  • Restoration and construction of temples and religious monuments

What Keeps us Happy

Food donation (Ann Daan)

Feed the needy, poor, children with cooked food and offering food essentials.

Service in Hospitals (Pidit Seva)

Serving patients in hospitals with food, fruits, juice, medicines, and taking care of them.

Temple Renovation (Mandir Jeernodhar)

Renovating temples right from sanctum sanctorum, idol installation, painting, general repairs, installation of bells and drums, etc.

Feeding Animals (Pashu Seva)

GauSeva (Cows), Shvan Graas (Dogs), MahisaSeva (Buffaloes), Kaak graas (Crows), Matsya graas (fishes), Aja graas (Goats), Chiti graas (Ants), etc.


Student's care (Vidyarthi Seva)

Arranging for school fees (Vidya Daan) and clothes (Vastra Daan) for village students, and marriage arrangements (Kanya Daan).