About Eshwar Bhakti Foundation

How we started

Eshwar Bhakti Foundation started a journey in Mumbai city during the Covid-19 period. We started serving the needy, brahmins, underprivileged, street animals and taking care of the temples and water-kiosks. When the world was under lockdown, the members of the foundation were sending food essentials to the needy using online grocery deliveries. With the help of Agarwal Samaj in the Thane district, we started serving the street animals as well. The foundation also organized daily Mahamrityunjay Puja and Havan for hundreds of critical patients in hospitals. Gradually, we started receiving requests from several other states of India. Please click here to see photos and videos of past and ongoing services.

In January 2022, we were registered as a Trust for a religious and charitable purpose under the Sub-Registrar, city of Udaipur, state of Rajasthan, India. The Trust ID is 202203107400025.

The team at Eshwar Bhakti Foundation strongly believes that the efforts we put into helping others are the only efforts that truly find real happiness and real fulfillment.


President - Mayank Goyal

Mayank Goyal is an IBM-certified software engineer. He followed and stayed with several Gurus and chose the Brahmin Varna as a lifestyle. His association with several Shakti Peethas, Jyotirlingas, and temples across India helps the foundation to be in line with Dharma. He is also Ayojan mantri in Akhil Bhartiya Agrawal Mahasabha. And the founder of Eshwar Bhakti, a portal offering Hindu Puja Rituals.

He was featured and interviewed by leading newspapers and journals of India (The Times of India, The Economic Times, The New Indian Express, The ISKCON Times).

Vice President - Murlidhar Jajodia

Murlidhar Jajodia is a retired Indian air force person. Having served the nation for 26 years, he carries a deep passion for serving society and this foundation is close to his heart. He goes out of the way to help people. Age is just a number for him. Aged 70 years, he is as fit and active as other members of the trust.

He identifies the beneficiaries and leads the team towards the distribution of food essentials and other resources.

Treasurer - Nitin Choudhary

He is an ardent
GauSevak (in service of the cows). Under his leadership, Eshwar Bhakti Foundation had opened its first Gaushala (cow shelter) in the state of Rajasthan.

Helping the needy and animals on the streets is part of his daily routine. Taking them to hospitals and taking care of their treatment and medication comes naturally to him.

Secretary - Mukesh Sharma

He is the president of Vipra Samaj in the state of Rajasthan. He ascertains the needs of the brahmins and takes care of their education, marriages, well-being, and other requirements.

He also holds 25 years of experience in Hindu rituals and uses his knowledge to help society at large. Coming from a brahmin family he clearly understands the needs of those who are on the path of Dharma.

Joint Secretary - Kamlesh Sharma

He is a learned Vedic scholar and a devotee of Mata Radharani. Having visited several temples in the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, he identifies temples that need renovation and care.

He is someone who walk-the-talk. Though a brahmin, he doesn't believe in the caste system of society and spearheads religious rituals amongst Other Backward Class (OBC) or socially disadvantaged classes.